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Our objective is to responsibly source the commodities which supplement our everyday life. Our long standing and established relationships with suppliers, Manufacturing facilities, international Logistic companies.

IMS Stainless & Alloys is a trading company with a background  of over 30 years of experience in the metals industry. Over that 30 years we’ve established a fantastic pipeline of business , starting routes  in Eastern Europe, and expanding to be an international global network with presence and Joint-Partnerships with several of the largest leading companies in the world.

We handle a wide variety of Stainless Steel, Low Alloy Steels, Die Steel, Nickel, Cobalt, Complex Nickel Super alloys, Pure Metals & Ferro-Alloys, which are arisings from the petrochemical, oil and gas, IGT and aerospace sectors. These arisings are 100% sorted, segregated, processed, certified and then sold to end customers around the world to be melted back into their parent alloys as either Air-melt or Vacuum grade products.


We serve various industries by providing environmental compliance and innovative cost-effective recycling solutions for Stainless Steel, Soft Metallic Waste Streams, Super Alloy Reverts, High Temperature Alloys as well as Pure Metals.

We specialize specifically in metals such as Nickel, Cobalt, Titanium, Molybdenum, Niobium, Tantalum, Tungsten, Zirconium, Hafnium, Rhenium and precious metals used in the following industries: Stainless Steel, Oil & Gas, Aerospace, Automobile, Medical, Orthopedics, Electric (Car Battery), Thermal Spray, Electro plating, Steel and 3D Additive Manufacturing.


IMS offers a full range of Ferro Alloys available in all sizes, packings and specifications.

  • FeNiCr  
  • FeW      
  • FeMo    
  • FeNb     
  • FeTi       


IMS are leading global specialists providing recycling & revert solutions to the aviation & support industry.

Led by an experienced team of aviation recycling experts, we offer completely bespoke services ranging from engine teardown, onsite destruction of your LLP,s / rotating parts as well as sorting grading of all superalloys.

We also recover precious metals including gold, platinum & rhenium.


Our main interest lies in soft metallic waste such as powders, fines, dusts, residues, slags, grindings, over sprays, sludges, floor sweepings, filter cakes and many more.


Industries Served


Globally supporting the aerospace and super alloy industry’s Primary Metals and Raw Material Revert requirements.

Oil & Gas

Supplying the world’s need for energy resources with alloys and prime metals.


IMS provides Heavy Alloys, Nickel Alloys and Cobalt Alloys (and their ingredients) with worldwide distribution for both Airmelt and Vacuum production.


Dental Implants demand a range of Cobalt, Titanium and Tantalum products. 


From Co / Cr / Mo / Ta / Ti to metals & powders for binders… an ever increasing consumable market.

Wear Part

Mine to market products within the Wear Part industry including ores, powders, hard scrap, tooling and intermediates. IMS plays an integral part in the world’s recycling and supply of Wear Part products.

Steel Mills

Raw material and alloy supplements are a core strength of IMS. Whether your needs call for a low carbon – low alloy steel or an ever increasing high strength – low alloy steel, IMS supports the widest range of products for steel mills.

Investment Casting

Conversion of our raw materials and prime metals allows compatible and customized alloys to be produced. Producing variously sized certified ingots, our conversion partners are both a customer and a service provider – providing a true partnership with IMS.

Shaping the Metal

Come an take closer look at how things done

Our Materials

Our custom reduction furnaces offer unparalleled advantages in flexibility of blends and production costs. With extensive experience in metallurgical and metal-powder processing, IMS Stainless has the expertise to treat materials ranging from extremely fine to coarse metallic dusts and powders.

Our Products

IMS Stainless & Powder produces many different grades of stainless steel sintercake. Many of our product grades are designed for the needs of a specific consumer. We also have the ability to offer the products in the form of briquettes or metallic ingots.

Dual Service Approach

IMS Stainless can provide tailor made toll conversion services for your recycling needs.

Quality Control

IMS takes pride in their Quality Control metallurgical laboratory. Whether it’s receiving new samples, testing daily feed stock or analyzing our production line, these results provide essential data to all areas of our plant operations. We work with our customers and ensure that these materials are well sampled and tested to perfection.

Environmental Compliance

IMS unique recycling process enables us to revalorize thousands of tons of material destined to landfill every year. This not only reduces the environmental impact and valuable landfill space, but replaces metal units originating from primary mining operations.

Why Work with IMS Stainless

IMS is committed to a policy of continuously improving quality performance throughout the business, to ensure that highest standards of product and service are achieved.

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