Alloy Irons

Alloy Irons

Nihard Type 14.52BAL0.50.63
Nihard Type 469BAL1.33
Niresist 1 L-Ni Cu Cr 15 6*
Niresist 2 L-Ni Cr 20 2202.20.5*BAL123.0*
Nicrosilal S-Ni Si Cr 20 5 2201.750.5*BAL153.0*
Nicrosilal L-Ni Si Cr 20 5 3203.20.5*BAL152.5*
Niresist 3 L-Ni Cr 30 33030.5*BAL11.52.5*
Niresist SG D2 S-Ni Cr 20 2201.750.5*BAL12.23.0*
Niresist SG D2C S-Ni 22220.5*0.5*BAL223.0*
L-Ni Mn 13 7130.2*0.5*BAL6.52.23.0*
Niresist 4 L-Ni Si Cr 30 5 530.550.5*BAL15.52.5*
Niresist 5 L-Ni 35350.20.5*BAL11.52.4*
Niresist D-2M s-Ni Mn 23 4230.2*0.5*BAL4.2522.6*



Heat Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Acid Resistant




Chemical and Food Industry, Aero Engine Parts


*indicates maximum

The figures shown are nominal compositions of the various alloys.