Complex Nickel Alloys

Complex Nickel Alloys

Incoloy 903381.0*15BAL0.713
Incoloy 907381.0*13BAL0.11.54.7
Inconel 617542212.5910.07 C
Inconel 700451529343.32.25
IN 100 (PK24)60101535.54.71.0 V
IN-731669.5102. V
IN-73861168.51.752. Ta
IN-7926112.7923. Ta
IN939 (Nimocast 739)4822.41921.93.711.4 Ta
Incoloy 807402085261
SRR99658.659.50.1* Ta
Nimonic 905720165.0*1.52.5
Nimonic 9147.528.5201.22.3
Nimonic 105/10853152051.0*4.71.2
Nimonic 115/1185715153.51.0*54
Nimonic PK314920144.510.42.35
Nimonic PK3356191470.522
GTD 11159149.*34.92.8 Ta
GTD 2225022.51920.25* Ta
RA 33345253.53.53.5180.5
Rene 41521911105.0*1.63.2
Thetalloy (PWA 651)492512.5373
Waspaloy5619144.21.5*1.430.1 Zr
Astraloy5615155.250.2* B
Udimet 500 (PK25)5317.516.544.0* B
Udimet 52056191261123
Udimet 6005217.516.544.0** B
Udimet 700 (Rene 77)52151540.5** B
Udimet 71053181531.50.5*2.550.035 B
Udimet 72053181531.40.5*2.550.045 B
MAR M-246609102.5100. Ta
Rene 8060149.54435
Rene 88551613440.252.13.750.70.02* B
B1900 (PWA 663)648106611.0 Zr
B191466101035.55.30.1 B
B192561128. B
B1950 (MAR M-200)60910125210.12 B
B19645991018. B
MAR M-002591010101.0*51.52.5 Ta
MAR M-247588.5100.6100.5*5.513.0 Ta
MARAGING 200188.53.2BAL0.20.03* C
MARAGING 2501885BAL0.40.03* C
MARAGING 30018.595BAL0.650.03* C
MARAGING 3501811.55BAL1.350.03* C



High Temperature Alloys, Heat Resistant, Corrosion Resistant, Creep Resistant




Aero Engine Parts


*indicates maximum

The figures shown are nominal compositions of the various alloys.